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GRAND DANCE ACADEMY  is an annual international junior dance festival, held from 1 until 13 of August in Resort „Kamchia“ at the Black sea coast. It was established in 2016 by „Joker Media“ Ltd. (www.jokermedia.net ) together with the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (The Bolshoi Ballet Academy – www.balletacademy.ru )  and Resort “Kamchia” (www.sok-kamchia.com ),  under the patronage of the Ministry of culture of Republic of Bulgaria.

GRAND DANCE ACADEMY is opened for participants from 6 to 19 years old and includes:

Master classes, leaded by ballet teachers from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography /The Bolshoi Ballet Academy/, ballet masters and choreographers from all over the world. The master classes focus on: ballet gymnastics, classical dance, pointe technique, folk and traditional dance, modern dance - improvisation, release technique, Cunningham technique.

Festival – the participants dance in three categories: classical ballet, folk and traditional dance and modern dance.  International jury votes on 10-point scale for performance technique, artistic presence, choreography. The Chairman of the Internation Jury and Art Director of the festival is Prof. Marina Leonova - Rector of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. The awards are: Grand Prix; special awards – invitations for education and traineeship in Moscow State Academy of Choreography /The Bolshoi Ballet Academy/; special awards from co-organizers and sponsors.

Why we do that? The idea of our Festival is unique. Only in the USA and Bulgaria master classes, followed by competition program are held. We believe that the future is in the hands of our children, who, through their talent and the beauty of the dance, contribute to making the world a better place for all of us.

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